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The White Marsh Rec. Dance Program offers students the opportunity to dance in a friendly, safe, and motivational environment on an almost year-round basis.  The dance program's experienced dance instructors provide entry level through advanced level dance instruction, for students ages 3 through adult, in the following areas: ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe (toe).  A portion of the White Marsh Recreation Council, the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program primarily serves the Perry Hall, Nottingham, and White Marsh areas; however the program is open to anyone who has an interest in dance.

The overall “mission” of the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program is to instill a love of dance in all of its students.  The program’s experienced staff is dedicated to providing each student with a positive dance experience, and works hard to encourage all students to be confident in their dancing abilities.  All students are provided with varying levels of dance instruction in technique, stage presence, and strength/flexibility, and also learn a dance that is appropriate for their age and experience level. 

Please take the time to browse the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program’s website, and find out more about the dance sessions it offers, the experienced staff,  and the dance program overall.  Finally, please feel free to contact the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program’s director or chairperson if you have any questions. 


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