The White Marsh Rec. Dance Program’s staff includes the program's director, Jen Morris, the volunteer chairperson, Pat Watters, four experienced lead  instructors, and several other instructors, assistant instructors, student volunteers, and substitutes.  For more information on the program's staff, please read below.

Chairperson: Pat Watters

Pat Watters, who has been the chairperson of the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program since 2009, was the chairperson of the Chapel Hill Dance Program from 1999-2009 and has been a member of the program's adult dance class since 2000. However, Pat has been involved with the White Marsh Recreation Council since 1986.  Besides volunteering as the chairperson, Pat was a Para-Educator for Baltimore County Public Schools for over 20 years, and is now retired.  As the program's chairperson, Pat administers the program and helps to keep an open line of communication between the recreation council, the instructors, and the parents.

Director/Lead Instructor: Jen Morris

Jen Morris, who has been dancing with the White Marsh Recreation Council since she was 4 years old (1986), originally began her career as an instructor for Towson Recreation Council’s Stoneleigh Dance Program in 1999 (she continued with the Stoneleigh Dance Program until 2007), and later became an instructor for the Chapel Hill Dance Program in 2000. Then, in 2005, Jen became the director of the Chapel Hill Dance Program, which became the White Mars. Rec. Dance Program in 2009.  In addition to teaching dance, Jen is a stay-at-home mom who has always enjoyed working with children.  During her high school and college years, Jen was employed by Honeygo Child Development Center as an aide/group leader.  Additionally, Jen has a degree in Early Childhood Education and worked  as a Kindergarten teacher for Sparks Elementary School, located in Baltimore County, from 2004-2007.  While Jen is no longer an elementary school teacher, she babysits on a part-time basis and occasionally substitutes for Good Shepherd Lutheran Preschool.  Additionally, Jen volunteers as a cat and kitten foster mom for the Humane Society of Harford County and Shadow Cats TRN.  Jen's creative nature and love of children both help in enhancing the nurturing environment provided for the students of the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program.

Additional Information

For more information about the White Marsh Rec. Dance Program's instructors, assistant instructors, student teachers, and substitutes, please contact Jen Morris, the program's director.


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