White Marsh Rec. Dance


Session Details

The Recital Session is the program's main session, as it lasts for approximately 7 months and ends with a recital, while the Summer Session lasts for no more than 7-8 weeks and does not include a recital.  Classes for a variety of age groups and experience levels are offered during both sessions, and students must meet certain age requirements to participate. Additionally, classes meet on weeknights only (weekend classes are not offered), and class schedules change from session to session.  For additional information about the program's two sessions, please visit the Recital Session  and Summer Session pages.

Registration Details

Registration for the Recital Session is typically held in late August, and registration for the Summer Session is typically held in late May.  Registration dates are posted on the Calendar page approximately one month in advance, and registration information will be posted in the Registration page.  

The White Marsh Rec. Dance Program holds two dance sessions per year: the Recital Session and the Summer Session.